Highlights of the IAMOT 2015 BOD Meeting in Cape Town – South Africa

7 and 9 June 2015

  • Board met on 6/7 and 6/7, healing 2015 during the IAMOT 2015 Conference.
  • Minutes of IAMOT 2014 Meeting was approved.
  • IAMOT 2015 Conference: Well attended IAMOT 2015 conference. 136 full members, recipe 231 registrations from 31 countries, treatment 5 well attended keynote speeches by prominent academicians and practitioners, and two sessions for Ph.D. Colloquium (8 papers). Conference well managed and praised by attendees.  Thank you to conference administration and to Leon Pretorius and Tinus Pretorius the Conference chairs.
  • IAMOT Finances: Separate budgets for IAMOT, IAMOT Conferences, and MOTAB.  Optimize expenses and revenues through:  invoicing for the dues, Quality conferences, and Organizational partnerships. Other Innovative ideas are being explored.
  • Publication: Technovation (IAMOT Journal) maintains its position as a premier MOT Journals.  IAMOT Members may receive the journal on-line.
  • Membership: IAMOT is studying an on-line membership DB system.
  • Strategic: IAMOT imitated the study “Future thinking for IAMOT”
  • IAMOT 2016 Conference: will be held in Florida, May 2016 (Venue and Call for paper is due in July 2015)