Sad news: Passing of Louis-Andre Lefebvre

“The Management of Technology community have lost a great friend and an accomplished educator, remedy Mr. Louis-Andre Lefebvre.  Professor Lefebvre was the president of IAMOT 1999-2000 and he received IAMOT Life-Achievement Award in 2011.  In addition to his great achievement as an educator, he was an outstanding  contributor to the MOT body of knowledge of MOT. Professor Lefebvre will be greatly missed”

Y Hosni




Décès Louis-André Lefebvre

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  1. I am so sad to hear this news. Prof Lefebvre was a pioneer in management of technology worldwide and his loss will be felt particularly acutely here in Canada, where he was a founder and leader of management of technology studies. I remember so well how kind and generous to me, personally, and ensured I was included in activities and networks as a young scholar just learning the field. He was particularly welcoming of alternative perspectives, including those of social scientists such as myself, which is something I always appreciated. My heartfelt condolences to his wife and family.

  2. I didn't know Louis as well as many of you did, but he has always been "Mr. IAMOT" to me as it was Louis who introduced me to IAMOT back in the 1990s. IAMOT is not going to be the same without him. The MOT community has lost one of its most colorful and inspirational figures. Let's honor his spirit and legacy by making sure that MOT and IAMOT are doing well.

    My sincerest condolences to his wife, family, and friends. –Max

  3. From Michael Badawy:

    Hello everybody,

    I join Yasser, in expressing my deep sorrow for departure of our dear friend Louis. I talked with him at length during the IAMOT 2011 conference. He was as funny and jovial as ever!

    It was great that we had the opportunity as his friends and his association to show him our affection, honor him, and express our high esteem, respect, and friendship while he was still among us for the very last time. Our sincerest and deep condolences goes to his dear wife and family. We will keep them in our prayers, and may they be comforted by the fact that everything in life is born small and grow bigger over time except for grief.

    Louis will continue to live in the heart and minds of his family and friends through many wonderful lasting memories.

    Best regards,

    Michael Badawy,

    Virginia Tech

  4. Louis was a great friend and colleague. I met him in the 1990s at an MoT conference in Grenoble after hearing Elisabeth–his life-long companion, wife, and collaborator–present a paper. She did a wonderful job, and I wanted to talk more with this lovely woman who had just presented the results of some intriguing research. "Oh," she said, "you really want to talk with my husband."

    And so began two decades of friendship and collaboration. We should celebrate the legacy that Louis and Elisabeth built for the MoT field with their mentoring of dozens of accomplished researchers and their raising the standards of MoT research. The field has lost an exceptional pioneer and contributor, and I have lost a close friend.

    Bob Mason

  5. so sad news…I cannot express my feeling… Elisabeth and Louis represents for me the "MOT team"…So sad news.
    Laure morel

    For many of us, Louis gave time, competencies and friendship.
    He never hesitated to come abroad to collaborate with us and all the french Iamot community will be always grateful.

    Vincent BOLY

  6. I first met Louis in 1991 during a seminar that he was giving on Management Information Systems. I did not intend to take this topic at first, but it happened to be one of the best courses of my masters’ program ! It is during that seminar that Louis convinced me to work towards my PhD and join the MoT community.

    Louis has been an inspiration to many young researchers. An accomplished researcher, a prolific author and an entrepreneur. His jovial and dynamic personality was contagious. He would always encourage people to think outside the box.

    Goodbye Louis, you will be missed.

    Mario Bourgault
    Ecole Polytechnique, Montreal

  7. It is with great sadness that we have lost Louis Lefebvre, who was an excellent scholar and valuable member of the IAMOT community. Among his many achievements I would like to mention his being awarded, together with co-authors including Élisabeth Lefebvre, the "Dr Theo Williamson Award" for outstanding paper in the 2007 volume of Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management.

    David Bennett

  8. My deepest condolences to Dr. Lefebvre family and friends! He will be remembered with his very impressive work and extraordinary research. Louis contributions to IAMOT community are endless and highly valued. One of the greatest papers in Sustainability and Environmental Management Systems, Life Cycle Design Approach and Environmental Product Declarations, I have read.

    Tanya Petrova
    Green PM Consulting

  9. As a former student of Louis and Elisabeth Lefebvre, I will remember that he was instrumental to many of us to become scholars in Management of Technology. At a time when the discipline was not recognised, he was able to communicate to us his passion for the field in a very calm but determinated manner. It was always a pleasure to interact with him and I guess, like many of us, I will always remember the way he was laughing.

    I hope that IAMOT will do something significant to recognise his legacy. A scholarship for PhD students would be for example a good way to recognise what he has done for many of us.

    Francois Therin

  10. With Louis – and Elisabeth – Lefebvre I associate my involvement with IAMOT.

    Back in the 1990ies, the families Lefebvre and Mason and their then Ph.D. student Mario Bourgault invited me and my wife to their table at our first HICSS conference dinner in Hawai´i. And from there on I joined the IAMOT community, visited Montreal.

    My condolences go to Elisabeth and his family.

    Bernhard R. Katzy

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