The International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT)

IAMOT is the only international organization dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in MOT education and research. As such, tadalafil the majority of our members are faculty and students of degree granting academic institutions.

IAMOT is a non-governmental, non-profit organization incorporated in 1992 in the State of Florida, USA. Its purpose is to encourage high quality research and education in the field of management of technology (MOT). It accomplishes this purpose through various activities, including sponsoring international conferences; publishing newsletters/periodicals, conference proceedings, a book series and a scholarly archival journal on MOT and Innovation (Technovation). It also supports a number of other internationally recognized journals. IAMOT acts as an information exchange hub on teaching and research issues in MOT. The association has approximately 670 active members from 79 countries. IAMOT is chartered as a non-profit professional association in the USA and is governed through established bylaws. IAMOT membership meets at least once a year during the International Management of Technology conference. IAMOT has a Board of Directors and an Executive Committee, both elected annually.

IAMOT offers its members association with professionals in the MOT field. There is particularly close interaction during the annual and regional conferences. IAMOT offers its members a discounted registration fee for the conference. Members have access to all information posted on our website which contains current information on the field of Management of Technology from all over the world. They also can post announcements related to MOT. Our members receive the IAMOT official Journal “Technovation”. We offer our members discounts for certain professional journals and we offer priority status in receiving reports and publications sponsored by IAMOT. Finally, we offer the benefit of participating in an Association which supports research and application projects, world wide, in cooperation with government or private organizations or in its own initiative, an association which encourages education in the field of Management of Technology, and acts as an information resource center in the field.

Board of Directors and Committees 2011-13

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