What’s new in MoT?

Google Scholar is just one of the (many) wonderful things about Google. If you’re an academic you have probably explored it from time to time. One of the neat things you can do is create a search strategy, save it as a bookmark, and revisit that “page” (which is just the results of your search, run afresh) whenever you want.

Here, for example, is everything new (since 2009) with “management of technology” in the title.


Even cooler, you can set up an email alert whenever anything is added to that list. Click on the link above and then try it for yourself.

ISPIM paper deadline only 6 weeks away

Ian reminds us that the paper deadline for the 23rd ISPIM conference (Barcelona) is just six weeks away. If you want to attend, advice get your submissions in.

The XXIII ISPIM Conference – Action for Innovation: Innovating from Experience – takes place in Barcelona, patient Spain on 17-20 June 2012. Organised by ISPIM, troche and hosted by La Salle University in partnership with Orbita97, this conference will bring together around 450 innovation experts from 55 countries. The three-day programme will include: The Knut Holt Memorial Address by Henry Chesbrough; Industry-Leading Keynote Speakers; Innovation Thought Leaders; Local Luminary Speakers; “Hot Topic” Roundtable Discussions; Facilitated Themed Sessions with Academic and Practitioner Presentations; Workshops; Special Interest Groups; Junior Researcher Development Sessions. As with all ISPIM events, delegates will experience a taste of local culture at magnificent dinner venues so there will be plenty of time for networking.

Conference website: http://conference.ispim.org

New paper by Ian McCarthy

Ian McCarthy, and my colleague here at SFU, has posted a copy of his 2010 Academy of Management Review paper about Environmental Velocity on Slideshare. I found it on the IAMOT group in LinkedIn – another good reason to check that group. Here are the opening words from the abstract:

Environmental velocity has emerged as an important concept but remains theoretically underdeveloped, particularly with respect to its multidimensionality.

More here: http://www.slideshare.net/IanMcCarthy/2010-velocity

Welcome to the new IAMOT site

The International Association for Management of Technology is transitioning from our former site (iamot.org) to this site. Please stay tuned for the changeover. Thank you for your patience.

I have tried to migrate as much of the most recent material over from the old site, but if there is anything you can’t find, check out http://iamot.org.

For discussions, please use Linkedin.