John Aje writes:
The following IAMOT members have been selected to the IAMOT Board of Directors for 2014 -2016. The selection was based on the results of the votes that were cast by the members. Congratulations.

  • David Bennett
  • Dominigue Jolly
  • Laure Morel-Guimaraes
  • Harm-Jan Steenhuis
  • Jim Sphorer (Industry)
  • Paulo Antonio Zawislak
  • Jeff Butler
  • Charlotte Geffen (Industry)
  • Marianne Horlesberger
  • Jan-Harm Pretorius
  • Leon Pretorius
  • Tinus Pretorius
  • Joe Amadi-Echendu
  • Eduardo Vascencellos
  • Hazem Ezzat
  • Ahmed Osman (Industry)
  • Nick Theodorakoupoulos.
  • Max von Zedwitz
  • Fracasso Edi Madalena (Industry)
  • Josue Monterrossi (Industry)
  • Moema Pereira Nunes
  • Asfour Lila (Industry)
  • Pranpreya Sriwannawit
  • Lucy Morse


Dear colleague, drugs

We are seeking your help to stimulate MOT doctoral students to come to IAMOT 2014 to present and discuss with MOT professors their thesis project at the PHD/DOCTORAL FORUM.

According to some participants of the FORUM held in the previous IAMOT conferences, they benefited very much from the discussion of their projects and appreciated the additional benefits of being waived of the registration fee and receiving a prize of US$ 100. Hoping to provide the same benefits to more doctoral students a new submission deadline for presentation of their Extended Research Abstract is February 15, 2014.

More information about the PHD/Doctoral Forum is available at or with the organizers bellow.

Thanks from:

Prof. Edi Fracasso

Prof. Laure Morel

Late submissions now accepted for IAMOT 2014 – Aje

“EDAS system is reopened for late submission of Abstracts to the IAMOT 2014”

A large number of authors asked that we reopen the EDAS system for submission of papers/ abstracts.  We have reopened the system for new submission until February 10, troche 2014.  It should be noted that the review outcome  of those abstracts will be by or before February 20, drugs 2014.  Looking forward to a successful conference as usual.

Please visit for details and submission links.

John O. Aje

IAMOT 2014 Conference Chair.



IAMOT 2014 Doctoral Forum – Deadline extended

MOT Doctoral Foum 2014-YH-V2-01-17-14

IAMOT 2014 Conference 

Washington DC, sovaldi USA May 22 – 26, clinic 2014 



Sponsored by 

The ERPI Laboratory, University of Lorraine, France 

The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil 

IAMOT Research Committee 


The Ph.D. forum is meant to help Ph.D./ Doctoral candidates specialized in Management of Technology selecting the research topic, develop the research proposals, and conducting their research 

Eight PhD students will be selected to present their research activities. Other students and faculty advisors may attend the session and benefit from the debate. 

Each of the students will present his/her research activities for 15 minutes. Discussion with the scientific board, made of academicians and practitioners specialized in MOT and attendees will be conducted. The discussion will be directed toward the research topic, definition of the problem, the research methodology, and the contribution to the literature. Emphasis will be put on the expectation, the methodology and the proper conduct of the research rather than about the results of specific research. Moreover the scientific board will identify opportunities for publication in international venues. The forum should benefit all Ph.D. and doctoral candidates from all disciplines. 

IAMOT will reward the selected students by waiving of IAMOT 2014 Conference fees and a monetary compensation of $100 

PS. Students submitting abstracts are also eligible for any other IAMOT 2014 grants or awards. 


The forum will be administered by: 

Dr. Laure Morel, Professor in Industrial Engineering, ERPI-UL-France 

Dr. Edi Fracasso, professor, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil. 


Ph.D. / Doctoral Candidates who wish their research be considered for presentation and discussion are invited to submit the following to Dr. Laure Morel or Dr. Edi Fracasso , 

(1) Extended Research Abstract 

(2) Nominating Statement/ recommendation from the academic advisor 


February15, 2014——- Submission deadline 

March 31 , 2014 —– – Notification of the results 

Profs. Morel and Fracasso will make the selection and notify the selected candidates.

IAMOT 2014 – Keynote Speakers Announced

IAMOT 2014-Keynote Speeches-IAMOT Announcement on the website

IAMOT 2014

The 23rd International Conference for management of Technology

May 22-26, pharmacy 2014

Washington DC

Keynote Speakers Announced 

Susan L. Cohen, Ph.D. 

Dr. Cohen, Vice President of Corporate Technical Strategy at IBM, is responsible for development of cross-IBM technical strategy with focus on IBM’s key growth initiatives. . Her goal is to accelerate delivery of innovative technologies into the hands of our customers. She has held a variety of management and technical roles at IBM. Prior to joining Corporate Strategy, Dr. Cohen was VP of Design and Product Engineering, IBM Systems and Technology Group, where she was responsible for delivery of state-of-the-art microprocessors and Memory Sub-systems for IBM’s Power and Mainframe Enterprise Server products. 

The title of Dr. Cohn speech is “Driving Sustained Innovation to Create our Future”. 

Dr. J. Leslie Glick 

Dr. Glick cofounded and was elected the first president of a major trade association, now known as BIO, the world’s largest biotech trade association. Dr. Glick works primarily with CEOs of small to mid-size companies across a variety of industries. He also served as Adjunct Professor of Technology Management in the Graduate School at University of Maryland University College (UMUC) from 1988 to 2004, and Editor-in-Chief of TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT from 1992 to 2001. 

Dr. Glick cofounded and ran three biotech companies from 1969 to 1993. 

The title of Dr. Glick speech is “Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make”. 

Dr. Jay Liebowitz 

Dr. Jay Liebowitz is the Orkand Endowed Chair of Management and Technology in the Graduate School at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). He previously served as a Professor in the Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University. Prior to joining Hopkins, Dr. Liebowitz was the first Knowledge Management Officer at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Before NASA, Dr. Liebowitz was the Robert W. Deutsch Distinguished Professor of Information Systems at the University of Maryland-Baltimore County, Professor of Management Science at George Washington University, and Chair of Artificial Intelligence at the U.S. Army War College. 

The title of Dr. Liebowitz speech is “Big Data, Analytics, and Intuition-Based Decision Making: The Triad”. 

The title of Dr. Liebowitz speech is “Big Data, Analytics, and Intuition-Based Decision Making: The Triad”. The following is an abstract for his speech. 

For details, please refer to the IAMOT 2014 website

or check this PDF: IAMOT 2014-Keynote Speeches-V2-01-17-14

IAMOT Awards

IAMOT website and membership solocitation 2014

IAMOT website and membership solocitation 2014

Year 2014

International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT)

Awards Solicited by Membership Nomination

Awards, pills Mechanism, Criteria, and Requirements


IAMOT is soliciting its membership nomination for the following awards.  Self nomination is encouraged:



Award Name




Decision By

No off

What is awarded



Outstanding Young Researcher IAMOT IAMOT Annual Conference Nomination from the membership Awards Committee 1/ yr Plaque, Certificate and

Conference fee waiver

IAMOT membership for one year.

>= 5 yrs after graduation+ record  Application and supporting evidence of Eligibility Criteria (Resume’)
Best Book Award IAMOT & Publishers IAMOT Annual Conference Nomination from the membership Publication Committee 1/ yr Certificate to author and recognition.

IAMOT membership for one year.

Recent book, addresses one or more of MOT aspects intellectually! Application and copy of the book  + Author Resume’
Research Project Awards IAMOT IAMOT Annual Conference Nomination from the membership Awards Committee 2/ yr Plaque, certificate, reduced conf fee, and letters to Institution/ organization/ company

IAMOT membership for one year.

 Research project of Significant  impact locally, regionally, or globally   Application and supporting evidence of Criteria + Applicant Resume’
Service to the MOT Community IAMOT IAMOT Annual Conference Nomination from the membership Awards Committee 2/ yr Plaque, certificate, reduced conf fee, and letters to Institution/ organization/ company IAMOT membership for one year.  Valuable Contribution in support of MOT community  Application and supporting evidence of Criteria + Applicant Resume’



PS. (1) Supporting Evidence of Criteria may include citations, published assessment of the contribution, website, ..etc.

(2) Recognition include posting on the IAMOT website

(3)  Application is attached, and nomination can be made electronically to

(4)  Deadline for nomination to the Year 2014 Awards:  February 15, 2014.




International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT)

Award Application

Year :  2014

Award name:  
Applicant Name:  
Self Nomination Yes:  —–                                                                                No: —–
Nominator Name, Address, and E-mail  
IAMOT Membership: Yes:  —–                                                                                No: —–
Membership #  
Supporting Evidence:  (Attachments) Nomination Letter, List


Send application to:


      Street address: 

                    International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT)

  1251 memorial Drive,

  Coral Gables, FL 33148, USA
Phone: (305) 284-4100

  Fax: (305) 284-4040


Dr. Daniel Mooradian: New Technology Management chair in Minnesota

To: TLI Alumni, Board members, Staff, Students and Friends

Please welcome Dr. Daniel Mooradian to the Academic and Research unit at TLI, effective today on a part-time basis (for November), and on a full-time basis effective December 2, 2013. Dr. Mooradian will hold the positions of Senior Fellow and Honeywell-James J. Renier Chair in Technology Management at TLI. This endowment supports two distinguished colleagues: Dr. Mooradian and Dr. Lockwood Carlson, who continues to serve as Senior Fellow and Honeywell-James J. Renier Chair in Technological Leadership.

In his new leadership role at TLI, Dr. Mooradian will be the lead senior colleague for the Master of Science in Medical Device Innovation (MS-MDI) program, which was approved by the Regents of the University of Minnesota on October 12. ( Dr. Mooradian will serve as the director of graduate studies (DGS) for the MS-MDI program as well as will lead partnerships and related activities/offerings in this very important field.

By way of background, during March-October 2013, the search committee evaluated 17 semi-finalists for the position. The committee was chaired by Mr. Kirk Froggatt (Senior Fellow and Gemini Chair in Technology Management at TLI), and included Prof. Dennis Polla (Honeywell/W.R. Sweatt Chair in MOT and Director of Graduate Studies for MS-MOT program), and Ms. Ginny Levi (Associate Director of External Relations and Administration at TLI). I am grateful to them for their efforts, leadership, and their unanimous vote on the selection of Dr. Mooradian as the top candidate.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Mooradian who brings to TLI a world-class and unique combination of domain expertise and academic experience in BME and the Medical School here at the University of Minnesota coupled with 15 years of experience in the medical device industry. His industry experience includes large companies (Boston Scientific), startup ventures, and consulting.

As a result, he has a broad perspective on the needs and challenges across the industry. Dr. Mooradian is highly respected by key members of the U of M medical device community and the medical device industry. We’re delighted to welcome him to TLI and will benefit from his expertise and participation in our upcoming collaborations.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Mooradian to TLI and the University of Minnesota.

Best regards,

S. Massoud Amin, D.Sc.
Director and Honeywell/H.W. Sweatt Chair, Technological leadership Institute (TLI)
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, and University Distinguished Teaching Professor
College of Science and Engineering
University of Minnesota

Technological Leadership Institute
290 McNamara Alumni Center
200 Oak Street SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA

IMPORTANT Message from the IAMOT President – IAMOT 2014

Dear Colleagues, ambulance

The deadline, October 30, for the submission of your abstracts for the 23rd International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT), international conference is fast approaching.

The conference promises to be one of the best ones with several distinguished keynote speakers from the government, academic institutions and industry. In addition, there will be opportunities to attend several valuable workshops on current topics of interest to technology management practitioners and researchers.  Arrangements are also being made to organize field trips to some of the major places of technological and scientific interests in the Washington metropolitan area.

Washington, DC, is a major place of attraction for tourists from all over the world and so for those of you who may like to seize the opportunity before or after the conference to visit some of the major places of attraction, an arrangement has been made with the hotel to include some extra days at the conference rate.

The theme of the conference is: “Science, Technology, and Innovation in the Age of Economic, Political and Security Challenges”. Authors are invited to submit papers in the following tracks:


1 Economic Impact of Technology Development 2 Social Impact of Technology Development
3 MOT Education and Research 4 Innovation, Technology Nurturing and Incubation
5 National and Regional Technology Policies and Infrastructure 6 Small and Medium Enterprises
7 Technology Transfer, Marketing and Commercialization 8 Technology Foresight and Forecasting
9 Information and Communication Technology Management 10 The Integration of Technology and Business Strategies
11 R&D Management 12 Project and Program Management
13 Industrial and Manufacturing System Technologies 14 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
15 Management of Technology in Developing Countries 16 Theory of Technology
17 Emerging Technologies 18 Technology and Competitiveness
19 Transportation Technology and its Management 20 Management of Biosciences and Medical Technology
21 Managing Energy Technology (Smart Grids, Renewable, Green Technologies, Oil and coal)

Papers that do not fit perfectly into one of these listed tracks but are related to the subject of Technology and Innovation Management may also be considered. For more information on the conference, please visit the web site at  and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at or the IAMOT headquarters at .

I look forward to seeing all of you at the conference from May 22 to May 26, 2014.

John O. Aje, D.Sc.

President, IAMOT


Announcement: Ph.D. Winter School in Milan from 18-21 December 2013

NITIM, advice in collaboration with CEMS (Community of European Management Schools), is proud to announce its 2013 Winter School in Milan. With this call, we invite Ph.D. candidates to submit their research proposals for evaluation and an opportunity to participate in the Winter School, which will immediately follow the ICIS (International Conference on Information Systems) 2013 (

Details here: Call for submissions_01102013