Nile University Returns to its Campus


Nile University Campus

The President Of The Republic of Egypt Chancellor Adli Mansour issued a decision to return all the land and buildings currently occupied by “Zewail” foundation to its original assignee, stuff the Nile University.

The decision of The President came after his meeting, ask Sunday April, cialis 6 with Dr. Tarek Khalil, President of Nile University and after contacting Dr. Ahmed Zewail .

 The decision is an implementation of the latest ruling of The Supreme Administrative Court, which ruled to return of an area of 127 acres as well as all the buildings built by The Nile University as its campus, to its rightful owner Nile University.

The President also approved to convert Nile University to a Public University and that the decision will be signed as soon as he receives the related legislative law from the government.

 It was also agreed that Nile University students will return immediately to the campus at Shekh Zayed city and they will be housed immediately in the administrative building and that the surrender of the academic building  and the land, which is currently occupied by Zewail Foundation, in a later date.

The government of Egypt will provide another piece of land to Zewail foundation upon which Zewail foundation can initiate its own building far from the land assigned to Nile University.

It is expected that the head of Nile University board of trustees, Dr. Abdel-Aziz Hegazy will conduct a press conference, Monday April 7, 2014, where he will announce the details of the agreement with Egypt president.

IAMOT members may recall that Nile University hosted the 19th International Conference for management of Technology (IAMOT 2010).  At that time, International delegates visited the new campus and toured its facilities.  In 2011 many of the IAMOT members signed a petition urging the government of Egypt to save Nile University and to enable the university to resume its activities in its campus and facilities.

Details and more photographs available here: Nile University Returns to its Campus-4-6-14

Good news for Tarek

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The long legal dispute between Nile University and Zewail City of Science and Technology over a campus on the outskirts of Cairo is coming to an end, medicine after the Supreme Administrative Court in Egypt ruled in favour of giving the campus back to Nile University (NU).

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